Possibility of Dissolution of the Master Association

Earlier tonight at 6:00 PM 9/19/2019, the Master Association discussed the possibility of dissolution of the Master Association. There were conversations on the fact that the new Castle Pines neighborhoods will not be under the Master Association, and how the city cannot have an us and them mentality for the neighborhoods.

The Master Association's primary funding is for social activities and paying the management company. The majority of the work is coordinating social events and two yearly garage sales. There are also many phone calls answered. The board and management company were repeatedly told of their wonderful work.

The Master Association has ~$400,000 in reserves that it cannot use toward the budget. The funds are a hold over. It was stated that the Chamber of Commerce or City would take point on the social activities. This would eliminate a separation of Castle Pines neighborhoods.

There was a comment made that without the Master Association no one would have website for information.

Several homeowners rebutted the statement as false or misinformation.

Moreover, if the Master Association were to be shut down, the $400,000 reserves would be returned to the sub-associations on proportional basis. There would not be any yearly payments to the Master Association and or fees associated with home purchases for the management company.

The Master Association board has requested a meeting with the HOA sub-association delegates to see their interest in possibility of dissolution. There are 21 communities under the the Master Association, and two have no HOA.

It was made clear that many homeowners believe Castle Pines needs to reduce the many layers of government bureaucracy, and Master Association dissolution would be the start of a more efficient government.

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