HOA1 impact of CPN MD inclusion

HOA1 residents along with other voters in the Castle Pines North Metro District area have or will receive ballots this week regarding the inclusion of CPN MD into the Parker Water and Sanitation District.

The HOA1 Board has received several questions from residents regarding the potential impact on HOA1 monthly dues from changes in water rates.

HOA1 uses a considerable amount of water to maintain 8 acres of turf and non-native open areas. In 2020 the Association used 5.6 million gallons of water to maintain the developed turf areas and the swimming pool at a cost of $49,438 or $117 per home. This represented about 12% of total Association expenditures in 2020.

When learning of the potential inclusion of CPN MD into Parker Water, the Board reached out to determine if the change might increase or decrease water expenses. The staff at CPN MD was very helpful to analyze the Association’s consumption and bills. We required a separate analysis because HOA1 has a commercial or irrigation account.

Based on the analysis, it does not appear that there will be a significant difference in water cost under the Parker Water rates.

There are two advantages to HOA1 if the inclusion into Parker Water is approved.

  • Parker Water’s rates for irrigation accounts are consistent, not tiered, which will help the Association more easily manage costs.

  • The new water meters from Parker Water allow for real-time information of use and will help the HOA manage usage and cost on a more current basis.

CPN MD has provided a wealth of information on the inclusion agreement, tax savings, cost benefits to individual homeowners, and cost comparisons on its website at https://cpnmd.org/pwsd-cpnmd.

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