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1. Pool is for use by CPNHOA1 homeowners/residents only and permitted guests. Pool use is only allowed for homeowners with paid up HOA account, no covenant violations, signed pool rules contract on file and resident Key Card is with the resident while at the pool.

2. The Entire CPNHOA1 Community “owns” the Pool, Clubhouse and all community assets. OUR community is responsible for helping to insure the safety/protection of the community assets and protection of the persons using the pool or any of our community assets.

3. All persons shall swim at their own risk. Homeowners/Residents are solely responsible for themselves, their families and their guests. The Association assumes no responsibility for any accident or injury occurring or sustained in connection with the use of the pool or pool area.

4. All children under the age of 13 must be supervised by an adult 18 years of age or older.

5. Baby Pool use if for children ages 5 and under. Adult supervision is required at all time when children are in the Baby Pool. Children must be toilet trained or wear appropriate swim diapers.

6. The Association or Manager shall not be liable for items left unattended in the facilities or on HOA property.

7. No individual, or group of individuals, may prohibit another user from their legitimate use of the pool. No activities are permitted in the pool, which would deprive or prevent any part of the pool from being used & enjoyed by all residents and members. Clubhouse rental or Pool Party/Group function does not prohibit other residents’ use of pool at any open time.

8. Person(s) misusing the pool or violating pool rules may lose pool use privileges and may have Key Card disabled. KEY CARDS:

9. Access by use of Key Card is required. No more than two Key Cards will be assigned per address. The first Key Card is free. A second Key Card can be purchased for $10.

10. Persons without Key Card are not to be allowed entrance to the pool.

11. RESIDENT should use their assigned Key Card for entry each visit. Key Card must be with RESIDENT while using the pool.

12. Pool Key Cards are the responsibility of the RESIDENT. Lost or damaged Key Card should be reported to Diversified Association Management. Arrangements for a replacement Key Card can be made with Diversified Association Management. The cost for a replacement key is $10. POOL HOURS:

13. The Pool will open Saturday, May 25th and the last open day will be Monday, September 2nd.

14. Hours: During the summer: 10am—8pm daily During the school year: 10am—7pm weekdays during school year, weekends 10am - 8pm. Adult Lap Swim hours: 6:00am - 10:00am & 8:00pm - 10:00pm To be granted key card access for adult swim times you must sign a waiver with the HOA management. Note: Pool cleaning and maintenance may be done during this time on any given day.

15. Castle Pines North Croc/Storm combined swim team will be using the Pool for an intersquad swim meet on Saturday, June 8th from 6:00am - 12:30pm. GUESTS:

16. GUESTS must be accompanied by RESIDENT at all times and RESIDENT must have Key Card for duration of stay. At no time shall GUESTS be left to use the pool without RESIDENT present. Maximum 6 guests per homeowner.

17. Pool parties/gatherings, which exceed six (6) non CPNHOA1 residents, must have prior permission from management. Adult supervisors must be on site for any pool party/gatherings. ONE pool party on site at any one time. Additional lifeguards must be hired if any pool parties/gatherings exceed 15 swimmers. Arrange with HOA1 Management.

18. Do not let persons into the pool who do not have a working Key Card. SAFETY:

19. A minimum of two lifeguards will be on duty during summer pool hours. At the start of the school year, lifeguards will be on duty beginning at 3:30pm.

20. No running, diving in shallow end, horseplay, pushing, spitting, obscene language, excessive splashing, or loud music in the pool or around the pool area.

21. Absolutely No Glass, chewing gum, tobacco, alcohol, juuls/vaping or marijuana use in the pool area at any time.

22. Pool and Pool deck to be evacuated immediately when any threat of lightning or storm is nearby.

23. Single use flotation devices such as small inner tubes and noodles are allowed in the pool. Large multi use floats are prohibited. An infant or child may wear a securely attached flotation device provided an adult is supervising the child at arms-length distance in the water at all times.

24. No bicycles, tricycles, skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, strollers without wheel locks, or other non-pool play equipment will be allowed in the swimming pool areas.

25. Trash shall be disposed of in appropriate containers.

26. Pets are not allowed in the pool area. Licensed service animals are permitted on the pool deck, but these animals are not allowed in the water. No exceptions.

27. The use of the pool is denied to any person showing signs of intoxication, having a contagious disease, skin infection, severe sunburn or who may be wearing bandages or adhesive plasters. Persons(s) misusing the pool, risking injury to self/others, causing damage, minors without an adult at pool, misusing pool/furniture/equipment, signs of intoxication at pool, smoking at pool, and any disallowed use of pool/area, etc., may be asked to leave the pool by lifeguards or pool manager.

28. Members who repeatedly offend other members with behavior contrary to the preceding guidelines will have pool privileges suspended and/or be fined by the HOA.

29. Call DOUGLAS COUNTY SHERIFF DEPT. IF ANY ACTIVITY IS ILLEGAL (Signs of Intoxication, Trespassing, vandalism, destruction/damage/misuse of furniture, closed hour use, etc.).