Dear Castle Pines North “Master” Members,
The Board of Directors of the Castle Pines North “Master” Association, Inc. (“CPN Master”) attended the Castle Pines North Metropolitan District (“CPNMD”) Board of Directors meeting that was held on the evening of August 19, 2019.  We presented to the CPNMD Board of Directors the following information in our efforts to get closure on the responsibility of the deteriorating fence along Castle Pines Parkway and a path forward to its resolve.

The fences along Castle Pines Parkway are deteriorating and are almost entirely on Tract B of Castle Pines North Filing No. 6.  It is our understanding that Tract B is owned by CPNMD.  

There is a Plat for Castle Pines North Filing No. 6.  The Plat states that Tract B is “to be dedicated to, owned by, and maintained by the Castle Pines North Metropolitan District.”  The Plat was recorded on April 2, 1986.  CPNMD took title to Tract B by Quitclaim Deed April 26, 1986, just 20 days later, including the fence on the property.  Accordingly, CPNMD took title to the property subject to the governing documents of the CPN Master, including the maintenance mandate of the Plat.

We recognize that minute portions of the fence are located on property owned or controlled by individual lot owners within HOA#1.  Given the Plat’s intent that the CPNMD maintain and repair Tract B, and the likely history that the fence was installed without a formal survey, it seems equitable to require the CPNMD to undertake the repairs and maintenance to the fence on Tract B.

After this presentation was made, CPNMD Board President, David McEntire, informed the audience that they would have an answer regarding the above-mentioned fence within the next 30 days.  On September 10, 2019, Mr. McEntire contacted the CPN Master Board of Directors and communicated that the issue and resolution are being worked on but he is unable to meet the September 16, 2019 deadline as promised.

Mr. McEntire will inform CPN Master when the final resolution is in place, which should be by the October 21st meeting at the very latest.
Mr. McEntire seems very optimistic that this resolution will happen in the following few weeks. 

Once the final resolution is in place, the CPNMD will send a formal written response to the CPN Master Board of Directors and we will share that information with you. 

We thank you for patience and understanding regarding this issue.  If you would like to view the meeting that took place when the CPN Master presented our concerns on the fence, please click this link below.

https://cpnmd.org/board-meetings click the video tab under August 19th - the CPN “Master” Boards presentation is 3:42 minutes. into the meeting.


Castle Pines North "Master" Board of Directors